Friday, January 5, 2007

Chanukah Camp

Friday December 15, 2006

Autumn and Ashlin picked me up this afternoon and we headed down to Glendale, CA for the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Chanukah camp. We took their Dad’s stick shift and I actually got to drive all the way to Cedar City, and then from Las Vegas to L.A.!!! I LOVED it and felt like such a “grown up.” I know that sounds lame, but I have never driven myself to California – let alone with a manual! I kept missing our exits and getting on the wrong freeways thinking we could pull a quick u-turn and hop back on at the next onramp. Little did I know - each exit is leads to a completely different place and we continued to get further and further away from our destination!! Ah, the adventure and stress was was hilariously and lost us an hour's time but we still got there before midnight.

The next day, we grabbed some breakfast at a cafe' downtown and drove to Venice Beach to feed/run away from the seagulls and collect sea shells.

Ten minutes away was the Getty’s Center where we went to see the original “Iris” by Van Gogh and multiple other Rembrandt originals. I have never seen any *famous* originals and was taken by surprise when I came across tiny "Iris" on a huge wall with other paintings which to me, seemed small in comparison any Van Gogh. I couldn't stop looking at it, so small, so simple, globbed with paint and absolutely delightful!

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

I’m sitting in the John Wayne airport attempting, for a second time, to get home from Chanukah camp after a 2 day delay due to snow storms in Denver. Nadine and Ed picked me up last night from the Howard Hughes center and drove me to Balboa Island for dinner and a stroll on the boardwalk. The houses were quaint and decked out for the annual decorating contest: Snowman, dancing penguins, singing Santas you name it! I wish I had taken my camera because the whole scene was quite a sight! And the weather was of course gorgeous! Ed grabbed some coffee while Nadine and I walked and talked about running, grandma, work etc. We got along surprisingly well and they even offered to let me visit them again!

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